Lake Bunyonyi

Last weekend I took the 9-hour bus journey down to Lake Bunyoni in the southwest, near Rwanda. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been: it’s stunning. I stayed at a small very relaxed campsite and found that the place was, thankfully, not overrun by tourists.

I spent a good while meditating and taking in the views, and enjoyed some of the most calm and aware moments of my life. I was able to take a canoe out into the lake and paddle around the islands, which are inhabited, and generally spent a lot of time swimming and floating around in the canoe, enjoying the sunshine and the distant sound of the locals singing — I guess there was a church nearby or something.

If I go back, though, I’ll stay for more than two nights: the bus journey is a bit painful and the place deserves to be explored more than I did.


About Dan Ó C

Human rights geek in Uganda. I power my entire house on my own sense of self-importance.
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2 Responses to Lake Bunyonyi

  1. Donal says:

    That’s one pretty picturesque lookin place alright. Has nothin on the ol Comeragh mountains obviously, but not bad!

  2. Dan Ó C says:

    …or that mountain in Wicklow we were on…what was it called again… Tóin le Gaoith…”Arse with wind”, right? : )

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